Ready to start living in joyful success?

"Dr. Reznik is a wonderful and very insightful life coach. Working with her as a new entrepreneur has been a valuable experience. Being coached on mindset and goals has allowed me to make great progress in my business. I highly recommend coaching by Dr. Reznik to gain clarity and to clear a path to success."

Susana Santos, DO

"I knew that my upcoming coaching session with Tatyana was going to be life changing and powerful when she asked me a seemingly simple question- ‘Does it bring you joy?’ It seemed like a question that should not require much thought but I had spent years and decades choosing to make decisions from a place of what I SHOULD do that I had never really thought about what actually brought me joy.

Everything from the joy binder to my daily gratitude practice

has been incredible.

Thank you, Tatyana, for being a part of my life and reminding me that joy is actually not hard! I look forward to meeting you some day, in person. In the meantime, thank goodness for Zoom."

Amita Kumar, MD

"Tatyana really helped me bring more awareness to my thoughts. She helped me identify how these thoughts (and beliefs) were holding me back. I have so much more clarity because I now have the tools to help me manage my mind and create a life from empowerment. :)"

Jenna Marvin

"I was struggling to find balance between work and life before my coach sessions with Tatyana. Quite often I felt overwhelmed by daily tasks at work, I was working all the time in front of PC and felt that I always needed to do more and prove myself; meanwhile I regretted a lot not having enough time to spend with and take care of my kids.

In the coach sessions with Tatyana, she guided me to realize the true desire of mine and help me to understand how powerful my thoughts affected all elements of my life and the results actually created by those thoughts. I realized it was only me and my own thoughts that were standing in the way of my true desire.

I learned how to guide myself to hold better thoughts towards what I want to achieve truly in my life. I would say, it is Tatyana who helped me to realize my ideal life, she is absolutely one of the best coaches you should hire!"

Alice Qiu

"Tatyana did a great job. She helped me transition from annoyance to connection. Hopefully next time I have a similar situation come up I’ll take the connected road instead of the road to annoyance."

—I.G. M.D.

"I am a Christian, mom, wife, Emergency Physician,
and a Financial Planner.

I joined the coaching program because I felt overwhelmed with all the responsibilities in my life. I knew that I have a lot to be joyful about however I knew that I wasn’t choosing to be joyful much of the time instead focusing on all the things I needed to do or get done.

It was helpful to reframe my perspective. Often now when I take my children to school, we all say three things we are thankful for. This helps us all start the day with a joyful spirit and a mindset of thankfulness and abundance.

It was also helpful to learn personal tricks/tips on time management. I had never thought of scheduling time with my kids. It was helpful to learn how you deal with to do lists and time management.

I also found it interesting and helpful to talk about covid and our relationships with others. One of the challenges of covid is that I have several close friends who are not vaccinated and don’t care about it. This has caused me much frustration.

You helped me not see their vaccination choices as a personal attack or doubt on my knowledge but also reminded me that it is fine to set boundaries.

I would say that I am less overwhelmed and more joyful. My responsibilities haven’t changed but I am choosing to set realistic expectations, enjoy the journey and focus on the things I can control.

I would recommend working with Tatyana if you want to increase your joy as you journey through life."

Anna McCormick, MD

"What I gained from coaching is realizing how helpful it is to have an impartial ear to bounce ideas off of - someone who helps you gain clarity when that seems like a remote possibility. This was my first time doing individual coaching and I really appreciated being able to be coached one on one. I appreciated the focus of bringing more joy into my life and realizing that it doesn't need to be big chunks of time but even 2-5min of watching a beautiful sunset, handwriting positive affirmations in calligraphy, or an extra long shower can bring moments of joy into the everyday. I appreciate the time and focus Tatyana put into our sessions."

Tricia S., MD

"Dr. Reznik is an amazing Coach that really impacted my life! She coaches not only about career success, but also very professionally integrates coaching about relationships with business coaching. I am a very successful professional that does not really have any business problems. But she very helpfully coaches me about my private life and how to incorporate my business skills and unique personality to feel happy in my life. Now I feel much more confident about my future and joyful about my present. Thank you!"

Isabella Hope, Ph.D.

Ready to start living in joyful success?