Frequently Asked Questions

Are the benefits of the physician coaching evidence-based?

Yes! Physician coaching has been proven to be evidence based, with supporting articles published in peer-reviewed journals. See these randomized controlled trails for reference.

JAMA: Effect of Professional Coaching on Physician Well-Being & Distress

JAMA: Effect of Group-Coaching on Reducing Burnout in Female Resident Physicians

J Occup Health Psychol.: Coaching for Primary Care Physician Well-Being

How is coaching different from therapy?

While therapy and coaching may be within the same realm, there are certain differences between them that can help you identify which method would be a better fit for your personal goals.

Therapy deals more with clinical issues, and is often a longer process that involves working through your past, looking deeper into your childhood in order to figure out what your core wounds are and how to heal them.

Life coaching is more focused on your present situation and looking into the future, helping you get to the next level by equipping you with tools to make your dreams come true. It is usually more action-oriented and helps you achieve specific life goals. Both methods improve your mindset, but unlike therapy, coaching does not deal with clinical issues such as major depression.

As another coach said:
"If your leg is broken and you need to heal to play soccer again, you need a physical therapist.
If you are ready to play and want to master your skills to win a game, you need a coach."

Will CME be available?

Yes! I offer CME via CMEfy.

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