Who Am I and How Can I Help You?

Hi! I am Dr. Tatyana Reznik, welcome to Joyful Success Living!

I specialize in coaching busy Women Physicians.

My mission is to help you find more joy in and outside of medicine. As a practicing Hospitalist, an immigrant, and a single mom, I understand the many challenges women physicians face in our busy lives.

Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, and even stuck?

I have been there, I get it. I've felt the same way.

Coaching gave me the tools to move past my limiting beliefs, improve my relationships and quality of life. I learned how to get unstuck and became more productive and joyful. I was able to rearrange my time to open up more space for doing the things I enjoy.

I decided to become a Physician Life Coach to help other women physicians on this same journey to feel better and build the life they love.

Ready to start building your dream life?

In my program I combined the strategies I learned through my training at both The Life Coach School and Positive Intelligence Training, as well as multiple other tools I have learned and successfully implemented over the years.

I will listen, support and inspire you to figure out what direction to pursue, awaken your potential, reignite your passion, achieve your goals and create your dream life.

The reason you are reading this right now is not an accident.

I am so confident that your life will be better after completing my program
that I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

No risk, no hustle, no pressure.

And YES, I offer CME too!

Why not give it a try?

Ready to start living in joyful success?

Your voice is important!

I am here to support you to elevate and amplify your voice.

My podcast Voices of Women Physicians is available on all platforms.